The girls are in latex, their makeup is flawless, like the chiseled figures, modesty is absent a priori, and the leather whip in their hands is like a passing banner of domination. A young lady came to the beauty salon along with her charming young man. The dude returned from work in a smeared state, he was infuriated by everything, including a new shoe, a constantly ringing mobile phone, a remote control that didn’t work. At that moment, her careless neighbor turned to the friendly paw over the fence, who was entrusted with the decree on eliminating pests last week, otherwise a fabulous fine would be threatened. From the mouth of the pupsika, a barely audible moan crumbles, the hands try to hold the jumping buffers so that they do not tear themselves away from the gaining momentum, the orgasm approaches like an avalanche and its power will be crushing for a fragile creation. Obviously, a bad specialist will come out of the girl, judging by her ability to learn, but the guy should have looked less at girls under her skirts. The helpful owner of the wine cellar rushed to wipe her clothes, under which she found a stronger farm.